Ikea Places Number 63 on the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List

Written by Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier on 03/07/2016

Ikea U.S. placed number 63 on the 2016 Fortune 100 best companies to work for list. Ikea is number seven among retailers on the list.

Co-workers of the company ranked Ikea using the Great Place to Work Trust Index Employee Survey and answered questions about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace.

Career Bliss evaluated thousands of independent company reviews posted to their websites by employees who rate their workplace according to factors that can influence one's professional happiness.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation developed the index, which evaluates corporate policies and practices related to LGBT workplace equality. Ikea received a perfect score on the Index.

In June 2014, Ikea announced a new wage structure, which bases minimum hourly wages on local living costs for co-workers as opposed to the local competitive situation.

Ikea US offers retail industry-leading scheduling, providing schedules three weeks in advance so employees can plan a life outside of work.

On January 1, 2016 Ikea once again raised its minimum hourly wage for U.S. retail co-workers. The average minimum hourly wage in existing stores increased to $11.87, a 10.3% increase.

Ikea offers a 401 (k) plan and matches a portion of co-worker contributions. The company matches 100% on the first 4% of salary contributed, and 50% on the next 2% of salary contributed.

Tack is the name of Ikea's global loyalty program. In 2015, eligible full-time co-workers received a $1182 deposit into their retirement accounts. In 2014, they received $2,530.

Ikea offers Platinum and Gold live PPO medical plans (which includes a prescription plan), vision coverage (at no cost to full-time co-workers), and a dental plan to help co-workers and their families stay well.

Ikea gives co-workers a holiday gift every as a token of our appreciation. In 2015, co-workers received a Roku streaming player. In 2014, co-workers received an UP activity Tracking Wristband.