Walt Disney Services Trade Council Union Reaches An Agreement

Written by Diamond Thompson and Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier on 03/29/2023

The Services Trades Council Union at Walt Disney, representing more than 45,000 Disney employees, reached a contract agreement with the Walt Disney Corporation in late March. The collective bargaining unit, which means six individual unions, has been negotiating for livable wages since at least August 2022.

STCU President Matt Hollis said employees went without a raise for 542 days. The new five-year agreement raises the company’s minimum wage to $17 per hour and will increase to $18 per hour by December 2023.

Disneyland has many job titles. Costumed performers will receive a $5.50 minimum raise over the next five years, including a $3/hour raise in December 2023. By October 2026, all current employees should expect a minimum wage of $20.50 per hour. Individuals hired after December 3rd, 2023, will receive $20 per hour by that time.

Disney employee raises include a $1 per hour retroactive pay increase, dating back to October 1st, 2022, when the union’s previous contract expired. Workers will receive a $ 1-hour increase from October 1st, 2022, for all employees.