Just Capital: Living Wage Partner and Successful organization Working to Raise Wages and Standards for Working Americans

Written by Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier on 11/22/2022

JUST Capital’s approach is unique. The organization leverages the power of the private sector to tackle the root causes of many of today’s challenges, highlighting the role of business as a force for the greater good. Their recent impact includes:

Workers & Wages

At least 54 companies have raised wages since 2021, employing more than 6.5 million U.S. workers, and we’ve engaged with 78% of them.

Our Worker Financial Wellness Initiative now comprises 13 corporations representing 900,000 workers:

Five have announced wage increases for hourly workers.

Seven have implemented new or expanded benefits programs

54% of companies who engage with JUST Capital say they’ve changed something because they engaged with the organization


326% increase in companies linking executive pay to stakeholder performance since 2018 (43% of Russell 1000).

935% increase in companies disclosing detailed employee demographic details since 2020 (33% of Russell 1000).


With our new media partner, CNBC, we are reaching millions of audiences.

In 2022, 75 CEOs and companies promoted their JUST 100 leadership.

As of 2022, we’ve lifted the voices of over 160,000 Americans on a fully representative basis to define the issues that matter.
The MIT Living Wage Calculator Thanks Just Capital for their partnership and support in 2022.