The MIT Living Wage Tool and the 2018 Redesign and Update

The MIT living wage tool began life in 2003 as part of a Ford-Foundation sponsored project, reexamining poverty policy in the U.S. Created to provide citizens and policymakers with the ability to estimate the cost of living, the tool's original fo...

Spotlight: JUST Capital

JUST Capital (JC), is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) registered charity. JC was co-founded in 2013 by a group of concerned people from the world of business, finance, and civil society. From its start in 2014, JUST Capital utilized opinion polling to...

NEW DATA UP: Calculation of the Living Wage

A Calculation of the Living Wage

While the minimum wage sets an earnings threshold under which our society is not willing to let families slip, it fails to approximate the basic expenses of families in 2017. Consequently, many working adults...

More News From the Field: A Prison Psychologist, A State Education Research Director, A Private S...

Hello Dr. Glasmeier,

I am a Psychologist in the federal Bureau of Prisons and, in response to your recent posting on the living wage calculator website "Who Uses the Living Wage Tool and Why", I just wanted to let you know that I use the LWC w...

Who Uses the Living Wage Tool and Why?

People often ask me, “who uses the living wage tool.” My answer mostly reflects the moment. I get several user emails a day. The stories and queries range from “Your calculator has no idea how expensive it is to live in Seattle, I don’t care what ...

Living Wage Rate Tied to the Cost of Housing and Child Care

Living wages include several cost factors; the two most important are housing and child care expenses . The Living Wage Calculator uses the county level Fair Market Rent (FMR) rate produced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as p...

Results from the 2016 Data Update

Establishing a living wage, an approximate income needed to meet a family’s basic needs, would enables the working poor to achieve financial independence while maintaining housing and food security. When coupled with lowered expenses, for chil...

Findings from latest Living Wage data update

The data behind the Living Wage Calculator has received another update. It is now current as of February 7th, 2017.

You can read about the latest findings and analysis in this document.

City of Dallas contracts more expensive, but better workers are sticking around thanks to living ...

With a year of experience, the city of Dallas, Texas released the results of the first year of the city’s living wage program. Approved in late 2015, the Dallas City Council established a minimum wage rate for city contract employees of $10.37/hou...

Four States Pass Minimum Wage Initiatives

In Tuesday’s election, four states passed ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage. By 2020 minimum wage rates will rise to $12.00/hour in Arizona, Colorado, and Maine. Washington state's minimum wage will increase to $13.50, also by 2020....

New Data: Calculating the Living Wage for U.S. States, Counties and Metro Areas

Checked for accuracy on 8/17/2016; Numerical values are consistent with living wage 2015 estimates published on 8/15/2016.

While the minimum wage sets an earnings threshold under which our society is not willing to let families slip, it fails...

NEW 2015 Living Wage Data

Rising Income Inequality Makes Living Wages All The More Important

America's middle class families steadily lost share of the nation's income over the 2000-2014 period.

Another Dallas Agency Uses MIT Living Wage Tool

November 2015 the Dallas City Council approved a wage increase to $10.37 an hour for all contractors and subcontractors hired by the city. This includes groundkeepers, janitors, and trash collectors. Wages of construction contractors are nego...

Ikea Places Number 63 on the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for List

Ikea U.S. placed number 63 on the 2016 Fortune 100 best companies to work for list. Ikea is number seven among retailers on the list.

Co-workers of the company ranked Ikea using the Great Place to Work Trust Index Employee Survey and answered ...

Minimum Wage: Can an Individual or a Family Live on It?

While the minimum wage sets an earnings threshold under which our society is not willing to let families slip, it failed to approximate the basic expenses of families in 2014. Consequently, many working adults must seek public assistance and/or h...

2014 Data Indicate That Four in Ten Children Live in Low-Income Families Half of These Are in Poo...

Carsey Institute Brief, University of New Hampshire
December 16, 2015

As we approach the holidays, new analysis from the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy illustrates the impact of poverty on the lives of America's children. While most Amer...

The Tipping Point: Most Americans No Longer Are Middle Class

Americans have long lived in a nation made up primarily of middle-class families, neither rich nor poor, but comfortable enough.

This year, that changed, according to the Pew Research Center.

A just-released analysis of government data shows...

Health Insurance Costs Rise As Wage Rates Stagnate Placing Families At Risk

Health insurance premiums and wage rates are linked. A major component of the living wage tool is the amount of income individuals and family members must spent to purchase health insurance. Health insurance is critical to workers and families...

Two New Reports On New Orleans: Brookings Uses Living Wage Calculator to Examine Beneficiaries of...

Posted at NextCity
New Orleans’ New Normal Is Leaving Many Residents Farther Behind

"New Brookings Institution data rel...

Why Companies and Employers Say They Use the Living Wage Calculator

The recent announcement by IKEA that its 2015 compensation scheme will utilize the values from the living wage calculator has prompted a number from the tool using community.

I am frequently asked, “why do businesses use the living wage tool?"...

Updating Our Minimum Hourly Wage for Retail Co-Workers

IKEA US announced that we will once again raise the minimum hourly wage for US retail co-workers, following our move earlier this year to a new minimum wage structure. The change, which will be effective as of January 1, 2016, will take the ave...

Update: New Data, New Findings, Always Clarifying the Message Based on User Feedback

Living wage calculations are based on publicly available data. The calculation itself, however is based on a formula that includes multiple sub calculations that we update as new information in the form of user observations reaches our desks. When...

Minimum Wage Increasing in Key Urban Population Centers: Living Wage Calculator Updated Annually

Recent announcements of an increase in the minimum wage in cities across the U.S. are hopeful signs that local wage rates are coming to reflect closer estimates of the cost of living in key markets around the country such as Boston, Seattle, San F...

New Data, New Geography, Message Still the Same: American Families Struggle To Get By

Starting its 11th year, the living wage calculator now presents data for 2014. There is new documentation describing the components of the calculator, their spatial scale and date of the data elements. A new addition to the tool is data availabili...

Update on 3/24/2014

While the minimum wage sets an earnings threshold under which our society is not willing to let families slip, it fails to approximate the basic expenses of families in 2013. Consequently, many working adults must seek public assistance and/or hol...